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Office and Reception Security Provide Comfort and Protection to the Office Staff and Visitors


When office staff and visitors enter the office, the first faces they see are of the office and reception staff. Their friendly faces greet people from morning until closing time. If an unwanted visitor without an appointment or reason enters the building, demanding access to someone inside, the receptionist is the first person to stand in his or her way.

What Happens if the Unwanted Guests Refuses to Leave?

Companies need to look out for the safety of their employees and visitors, but once an unruly and angry visitor enters the premises, a simple “no, you cannot pass” is not suffice. The office and reception team is in no way prepared to handle such a visitor.

For this reason, most companies have begun to employ a professional office and reception security team that play the dual role of being a receptionist as well as a trained security guard.

What are Security Receptionists?

Security receptionists are part of the office and reception security team. Their duty is to greet visitors, provide them with services, and monitor the surroundings of the building. Most companies have started to employ the two in one professionals because it cuts down costs while providing around the clock security.

At closing time, the company can employ a security guard to protect the building at night. In the morning, the security guards can work with the trained receptionists to keep watch on the building. In addition, the security guards can monitor the CCTV cameras in the morning and after working hours to ensure that forced entry does not occur under their watch.

The idea of hiring office and reception security is beneficial for companies looking to minimize their costs and increase security by taking proper security measures to deal with unwanted visitors.

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